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‘Vitello Rugatto’ gents calf leather watch strap – 1 design fits various sizes (18/20/22mm)

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Eye-catching, high quality leather watch straps.

The flexibility of the strap allows it to accommodate 18/20/22mm watch lug sizes by way of three pairs of individually manufactured end pieces, one for each size. Each sized pair is easily interchangeable using the screws already provided (as can be seen on the images to the left).

Furthermore the strap can also accommodate large/small watch cases by re-positioning the screws on the strap itself using the three holes provided (as can be seen on the images to the left).

The main part of the strap has a length of approx 230mm, width of 36mm and thickness of 2mm.

Colours available include;

  • Black
  • Tan
  • Brown

Just to re-iterate…….

Each strap comes complete with a set of three different sized strap pairs, 1 X 18mm, 1 X 20mm, 1 X 22mm.

These can all be interchanged using the screws provided.

The watch can also be re-positioned on the strap using the accommodating holes.

Additional information

Strap Colour

Black, Brown, Tan